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Garrett Crochet is part of the 2021 plans for the Chicago White Sox.
When the 2020 season ended for Garrett Crochet and the Chicago White Sox, we were forced to fear the worst. He left game three of their series with the Oakland Athletics with an injury that had us all fearing he was going to need Tommy John surgery.

Garrett Crochet Jersey

Well, when Rick Hahn addressed the media after the season, he announced that Crochet would not need the surgery and would be ready to go by Spring Training. It was a sigh of relief because losing him for all of 2021 would have been a tough pill to swallow.

White Sox Garrett Crochet Jersey

Crochet was drafted in the 2020 MLB Draft. It is very rare for a player to make his MLB debut during the season he was drafted but those sorts of things happened during the COVID-19 season. He was brilliant but when the season ended you had to wonder if the White Sox would have him down in the Minor Leagues when they get their seasons back.

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It sounds like he will be given the chance to make the MLB team for the 2021 season. New White Sox pitching coach, Ethan Katz, went on the White Sox Talk Podcast to discuss all things involved with White Sox pitching. Of course, the topic of Garrett Crochet came up and Katz had some interesting things to say.

Womens Garrett Crochet Jersey

Katz told Chuck Garfien that “He is going to be a big part of what we do next year”. That really sounds like Katz believes that Crochet will be used with the big club starting on Opening Day. You have to think that he has big-time input and inside information into what the organization believes as well. Katz is a very smart pitching mind and has been successful with helping out some of the best young pitchers in the game.

Cheap Garrett Crochet Jersey

HOT: The White Sox made the right catching decision
Crochet has all of the talents in the world. He can throw the ball north of 100 miles per hour. He played in five games in 2020 and he was dominant in that short sample size. We saw what happened with Giolito when Katz started helping him in the 2018-19 offseason. It makes you wonder what he might be able to do with a kid like Garrett Crochet. We don’t know if it will be as a reliever or a starter in 2021 but Katz definitely sees him as someone who will be with the big club right away.

If you’re unsure of what this is, read our Top Prospect Vote primer.

Matthew Thompson absolutely cruised to a win as our No. 10 prospect, taking 49% (120 of 243 votes). Last year, Thompson finished 12th in our poll.

In the 2020 poll, Blake Rutherford finished as our No. 10 prospect in the vote.

Thompson’s easy win appears to be setting up an incredible race for the No. 11 prospect, as four very different players — Yermín Mercedes, Benyamin Bailey, Blake Rutherford and Zack Burdi — are fighting to move on.

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Newcomer Lambert earned 10 votes and finished eighth.

South Side Sox Top White Sox Prospects for 2021
Andrew Vaughn — 45% (Crochet 26%, Kopech 19%, Madrigal 9%, Kelley 1.0%, Rutherford 0.6%, Adolfo/Sheets 0.2% Stiever/Thompson 0%)
Garrett Crochet — 42% (Kopech 19%, Madrigal 14%, Céspedes 4%, Kelley 0.7%, Rutherford 0.4%, Adolfo/Stiever 0.2%,Sheets/Thompson 0%)
Michael Kopech — 70% (Madrigal 22%, Kelley 4%, Céspedes 3%, Vera 1%, Adolfo/Rutherford/Sheets/Thompson 0.4%, Stiever 0%)
Nick Madrigal — 76% (Céspedes 10%, Kelley 9%, Rutherford/Vera 1.2%, Stiever/Thompson 0.6%, Adolfo/Dalquist/Sheets 0.3%)
Jared Kelley — 47% (Céspedes 32%, Stiever 8%, Rutherford 4%, Thompson 3%, Adolfo/Vera 2%, Sheets 1.4%, Bailey 1.2%, Dalquist/0.9%)
Yoelqui Céspedes — 59% (Stiever 17%, Thompson 9%, Rutherford 4%, Adolfo/Bailey 3%, Vera 2.2%, Sheets 1.9%, Dalquist 1.6%, González 0.3%)
Jonathan Stiever — 41% (Thompson 18%, Vera 11%, Bailey 8%, Burdi 7%, Rutherford 6%, Dalquist 3.2%, Adolfo/Sheets 2.9%, González 0.6%)
Gavin Sheets— 29% (Vera 24%, Thompson 21%, Burdi 9%, Bailey 6%, Rutherford 5%, Dalquist 4%, Adolfo 3%, Rodriguez 1%, González 0.2%)
Norge Vera— 31% (Thompson 27%, Rutherford 12%, Mercedes 9%, Burdi 8%, Bailey 7%, Adolfo 4%, Dalquist 2%, Rodriguez 1%, González 0%)
Matthew Thompson— 49% (Mercedes 10%, Bailey/Burdi/Rutherford 9%, Adolfo 5.3%, Dalquist 4.9%, Lambert 4.1%, González 1%, Rodriguez 0%)

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